What To Do - The 24-Hour Rule (WALLACE MINOR HOCKEY)

PrintWhat To Do - The 24-Hour Rule
A carefully thought-out policy is explained to parents each year, dubbed "The 24-Hour Rule". This rule has several purposes:

1) Allows each party involved during an issue to step back and clear the initial emotional elements

2) Provides a clear and concise process for problem resolution

3) Provides a clear understanding of what is expected from all parties involved

4) Promotes direct communication

5) Provides an avenue of fairness and opportunity to every parent, player and coach

The 24-Hour Rule:

When an issue occurs and a party has a resulting complaint to make or issue to be resolved, they are asked to wait 24 hours, then put the issue in writing and submit it to the appropriate party. Whether this issue is labelled as coaching error, team mate interference, parent conflict or any other of a number of possible situations, it is very important that all parties involved take the full 24 hours to remove or decrease the emotional element so that the actual issue can be resolved quickly, in a civilized manner, and to everyone's satisfaction.

We at Wallace Minor Hockey realize that from time to time, an issue may occur, which is why the time was taken to develop this policy and provide that avenue to all of our members. Wallace Minor Hockey prides itself on its family-like atmosphere and its ability to communicate directly with all members by not losing sight of what is most important - all players having fun playing hockey.