PrintPlayer's To-Do List



- Get a good night's sleep!
- Eat a healthy, high-protein meal that doesn't include a lot of white starches or empty carbs (aka Sugar).
- Fill your water bottle with water or a sports drink (Only drinks that replenish the nutrients your body sweats out. Avoid drinks that contain sugar or caffeine).
- Pack your hockey bag by placing each piece of equipment in the bag in the order that you would put them on.
- If your stick requires taping, tape it or ask an adult to help you.
- Did you remember to pack your.... mouth guard? Tape? Extra laces? Extra stick?
- Visualize each aspect of your role in the game... the cross-ice pass, the deke, the blocked shots, the assists, the goals.
- Arrive at the arena at least a half hour before your game (or at whatever time your coach has asked you to be there).
- Go for a short job to get warmed up and get your heart pumping.
- Get all of your equipment on, leaving your helmet & mouth guard off and your skates untied.
- Avoid engaging in rough-housing or horseplay with your team mates. This only wastes valuable energy and decreases opportunities for focus. Remember - it distracts your other team mates, too!
- About 10 minutes before it's time to take to the ice, finish getting ready.
- Listen to your coaching staff's game preparation talk.
- Help get your team pumped up!


- Do the warm-up exactly as your coaches have asked you to.
- Avoid repeated slap shots - they use too much energy and give your goalie too little of a warm-up.
- Warm up with some edge-skating (skating around circles, tight turns, etc.) to get your legs moving.
- Help your goalie warm up with some dekes and wrist-shots.
- Hydrate your body by drinking fluids.
- Respect the Referees by clearing the ice of any warm-up pucks and skating to your team's bench immediately after the whistle is blown.

During The Game:

- Be an active player on the bench - focus on the game, cheer your teammates on, listen to your coaches
- Watch the play - see what the other team's strategy is
- Watch the other team's goaltender - is he or she prone to be upright or do they go down immediately? Is their glove or blocker quick?
- Skate hard & keep your feet moving. Moving constantly will tire the opposing player that's covering you and it opens up more opportunities for your own team
- Use your voice - communicate with your team!
- Accept a coach's compliments and critiscsm equally - if you're unsure of what they're saying, say so!
- Always pump your team up with positive, enthusiastic praise and encouragement, especially to each individual as they come off the ice or as they skate past
- Listen, Listen, Listen to your coaches!

After The Game:

- Remain quiet and attentive while your coach talks to you in the dressing room
- Repeat or reveal compliments to your teammates. The only feeling better than a kind word from your coach, is a kind word from a teammate.
- Don't throw objects or display bursts of anger - instead, calmly discuss what went wrong and what YOU are going to do to help fix it - then ask & allow your teammates to do the same. This accomplishes some goal-setting and avoids the finger-pointing or blame game.
- Let it go - win or lose. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a bad winner.
- Congratulate the other team on their good effort or win if you see them outside the dressing room.
- Stay hydrated and have a snack - you've earned it!
- Remember to say thank you to the coaching staff and any relatives or friends who travelled to watch your game!