10 Tips - Defence (WALLACE MINOR HOCKEY)

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10 tips for defensemen
By Scott Briggs

1) Quick feet. It’s necessary for defensemen to move as fast backward as your opponent does forward.

2) Don’t turn your back on the play as a one-on-one unfolds. Develop quick feet, good balance and keep skating backward.

3) As you accelerate going backward, move your arms back-and-forth beside your body. Think of a sprinter moving the arms in a parallel pattern. Don’t move your arms side-to-side in front of your chest.

4) Watch the opponent’s chest. The opponent can’t go anywhere without it.

5) Don’t become mesmerized by the puck. Don’t focus on the puck during a one-on-one.

6) Good Lateral movement. Your opponent is trying to go around you. You need to be able to skate where he goes.

7) Don’t always go for the big check. Doing so can cause you to lose your balance and be out of position.

8) Develop a strong lower body. Powerful legs will not only help with skating, but it enables a defenseman to contain strong opponents in the corners.

9) Focus on playing defense first before worrying about points. Jamie Allison was drafted by the Calgary Flames after a season in which he didn’t score a goal in 61 regular season games.

10) Play to please your coach not the fans.


10) Play to please your coach not the fans.


10) Play to please your coach not the fans.