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Drill Diagram

Key Points

This drill can be done for all age groups, from mites on up. If you do it with older players you can change it up by putting in forward to backwards transitions or throw in a defensemen after the pass is made. Have Fun!!!


1) Line up players on opposite blue lines on opposite sides of the ice
2) X skates up around the circle (emphasise skating hard with stick on the ice and head up)
3) O passes to X at the top of the circle (emphasise hard, accurate passes)
4) X skates down the ice and shoots on goal (with or without goalies)
5) After O passes the puck he skates up around the circle
6) X passes to O at the top of the circle (once again emphasise hard, accurate passes)
7) Repeat steps 1-6 for as long as you feel neccesary